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Mikro Theatre at Jеrusalem Theatre

 About Mikro

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The Mikro Theatre displays the works of world-renowned dramatists, philosophers, and contemporary authors, on stage. Since 2001, we have presented 30 plays, at Israel's leading theatres. Our artistic and aesthetic themes are diverse – from technology-enhanced avant-garde experiences to more classic theatrical settings. In 2014, we moved into our new home at the Jerusalem Theatre, with an intimate 140-seat auditorium, where we conduct most of our plays and rehearsals. Our current plays are based on works by Meir Shalev, Zeev Jabotinsky, Romain Gary, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Theodore Herzl.




Irina Gorelik is the founder and the Head director of the Mikro Theatre. Efim Rinenberg is the artistic director. A group of professional and gifted actresses and actors participates in our plays regularly, and outstanding graduates from the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio join the group as well.




Mikro is a Jewish theatre in the most profound sense. We are in Jerusalem, we cover a mosaic of Jewish thought as well as universal content, and we are accessible to audiences from diverse backgrounds. We pose the social and existential questions, and individuals in the audience can reach their own conclusions. It is a thought-provoking, participatory artistic process.

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