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Mikro Theatre at Jеrusalem Theatre

Judith's Angels

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The new play of the theatre is based on the mythical story of Judith (Book of Judith)


A martyr or just a woman? Hero or a cold blood assassin? This is a fantasy story on a woman in a world of men.

Two angels fight on the soul of one woman who died 2000 years ago and until this day its not sure to which next world she will enter – the Christian one or the Jews one?

Each of the angles has his own version of history, but what Judith thinks about that?

Mikro theatre re-creates the myth of Judith. A myth that exists in so many cultures, about a woman that is bigger than life, but was written only by men.

Irina Gorelik and Miriam Engel, the creators of the play, gives a new and powerful voice to our hero. By using classic and contemporary forms of theatre, contemporary dance, live music and outstanding visuality.

Idea and staging: Irina Gorelik

Text: Ilan Chazan

Choreography: Miriam Engel

Cast: Miriam Engel, Sima Goren, Ilan Chazan, Ran Cohen, Beni Shiff

Set: Andrej Judashkin, Vadim Yerochin, Evgenij Leschenko

Video: Vadim Jerochin

Note: 16+

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